Here is my Christmas wish-list

Now -892 days till Christmas and here are some ideas if nothing springs to mind. I'll keep adding stuff if I come across anything else
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Watering can
My watering can is on its last legs. This is the standard. They last for years but not to infinity.
Candle mould
Bee stuff. I have a candle mould like this but for several reasons it's better to make a matching pair. Difficult with one mould. Can I have another one, please?
Bee book
Another bee book. I borrowed this from the library once, but she's a great writer and it's really interesting (OK, maybe only to a beekeeper) and I want one to keep. Thornes or Becky are cheapest. Amazon costs more.
Back in the garden, Dad pointed out that one of the prongs of the fork is bent. Maybe it's time for a new one. Do I want a border fork or traditional fork? Probably border. I have no intention of digging over a whole bed, just unsettling a few big weeds.
Surprise! Another book! I like Pilates but our lovely instructor is off just now, sadly, for chemo. Apart from that, I ought to do more between classes. A book reminding me what to do and how to do it would be nice.
Wax extractor
I would like a wax extractor so that I can make candles and waxy things. Solar is best, but it's big to store and - guess what? - relies on a lot of sunny days. This YouTube link shows how to make a wax extractor that 's not solar but looks very effective. Anyway, we have paper-stripper and only one room that has wallpaper. Anyone up for a bit of DIY?
Warming cabinet
Honey has to be warmed oh-so-carefully so that it will run into jars. A warming cabinet costs 200 from suppliers and takes a lot of space. This link shows how to make one from stuff we already have. Add a thermostat to keep it right - The STC-100 on EBay has plenty YouTube advice on installation, most of it conflicting