Kingfisher Ceilidh Band

- playing and calling for barn dances and ceilidhs across Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey

Kingfisher - about the band
Our standard line-up consists of melodeon, fiddle and bass and our resident caller will set your feet a-tapping and your toes a-twitching.
Our music is traditional and covers all parts of the United Kingdom including Scottish Ceilidh and English Barn Dance styles.
What we do and where we play
We play in and around Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire at fund raising events, weddings, family celebrations and gatherings, community events and more.
We have played in draughty barns and dusty barns, large echoing halls and small tightly-packed halls, on the back of a lorry, in open fields and in closed pubs.
For Enquiries and Bookings
For more information about the band or to make a booking, please either
- email
- or phone 01264 889463